Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where Did October Go?

October! October! Where did you go? Its the middle of November and my favorite month of the year has come and gone. October was a busy month. We had out first snow, Grayson turned 3, halloween, pumpkin patch, Kevin had his appendix out, girls both had strep throat, Andy had his surgery, Kevin & I's 11th wedding anniversary, OH YEAH AND I WENT TO EUROPE!!!! WOW!

Kevin is fully recovered, Andy is home after almost 3 weeks in the hospital, and I had a GREAT time in Europe. Allison & I traveled to Geneva, Switzerland...Milan, Italy....London, England....Paris, France....Brussels, Belgium...& Amsterdam, Holland. An amazing time, lifelong memories, great laughs, & a closer friendship. What more could a girl ask for? Despite having his appendix out 2 days before I left my husband did AWESOME with the kids for 2 weeks. How blessed am I?

Fun & Crazy times at the Fisher house! But we wouldn't do it any other way! Pictures to come!!!

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