Thursday, November 19, 2009

Never Run With Scissors....I mean Paper

Ok , around 3:00 pm yesterday Grayson was running with a paper sword he rolled up himself and had a little accident. He poked himself in the eye. After listening to him cry for 1 hr. I called the eye Dr. and took him in. Dr. Reins found a chunk the size of a pencil eraser cut out right in the middle of his cornea. OUCH!!!! He said we must have a very tough guy for him to even have his eye open. (We kind of had the same thing happen with Noah when he was around this age) So he sent us home with eye drops, and instructions to give him benadryl to knock him out, tylenol, and a low key, dark environment for the next 2 days!!!! So blinds are pulled shut light are off and we are relaxing. They checked his vision and he could not see anything out of the injured eye which they expected but I think it is fine already this morning! They will check it tomorrow when we go in to have it checked!!! No more paper swords for this boy! My friend Wendy said, " It's all fun and games till someone gets a chunk of cornea ripped out." I thought that was really FUNNY!

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