Monday, November 23, 2009

Let The Birthday Week Begin!!!!

On Wed. my little "Noah Bear" will be turning 7. Just typing this brings tears to my eyes. Where has the time gone. I remember when my little 7lb 11oz. baby boy came into this world on a Monday afternoon at 3:08pm. The cutest little guy I have ever seen and at that moment I was head over heels in love!!!

He has had the nickname "Bear" from the time he took his first breath, and he is every bit a cuddly snuggley bear. His eyelashes go on and on and on, everyone we meet mentions them. He loves soccer, and football, and wants to be a football player when he grows up then join the army. He loves hunting with Grandpa, playing legos , and loves everything Starwars! He is a ball of unending energy, and likes to pester his sisters. (thats an understatement) He loves school and is a great reader. His best friends are Nick, Tanner,& his cousins. His favorite color is blue & red. Loves the Huskers! His favorite food is spaghetti and favorite restaurant is Red Robin! He loves telling his baby brother about having Jesus in his heart!

We are taking him to Coco Key's Water Park tomorrow night to spend the night and then spend Wed. all day swimming and going down waterslides. This is a surprise to him so I am excited!!!

Noah Bear I love you so much!!! Happy Birthday!

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Kim said...

What sweet words for your 7 year old boy. Have a great time at Coco Keys!