Friday, October 9, 2009

Mr. Mom!!!

I am now down to 5 days until I leave for Europe...leave my kids for 2 weeks. I'm feeling a little sad because I won't be able to talk to them while I am gone. I'm starting to fill overwhelmed by all there is to do before I go, but most of all I'm nervous about Kevin taking care of everything and being "Mr. Mom". Does he know all I do to make this house and family run smoothly. If not I think he will have a better appreciation for it when this 2 weeks is over. Volleyball practice, chorus, youth group, library days at school, clothes for PE days, soccer practice, football practice, soccer games, vball games, football games, volunteering at Noah's school, what day we carpool which day we don't, Noah's school snack, Grayson's potty schedule, when to put dinner on the table so it doesn't interfere with evening activities, birthday parties, where to pick up and drop off at both schools, what time to leave the house so your not stuck in traffic at one school so you can get to the other one on time. Wow its exhausting just thinking about it. I know I have to let it all go and just trust that it will all get done and if something gets missed then life will go on. Or if they eat McDonalds happy meals for 2 weeks they won't die. (Maybe put on 5 lbs. but not die) I want to go away and not worry about anything and enjoy this time away with Allison. Knowing that I may never have a 2 week vacation away from my responsibilities again. Well I better get started on the BIG calendar I'm making for Kevin that will be taped across our dining room wall BIG he will be able to see everything he has to remember while I'm sitting in Paris at a cafe enjoying tea and pastries!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

KUDOS to Glamour!!!!

Ok so I will admit I have an addiction...Its to magazines. I love them, I love reading about face products, styling products , what in whats out in fashion, whats the latest exercise craze. I love it love it love it... You may even find me with paper cuts on my wrist from rubbing the perfume samples on myself. : )You know how some women love it when their husbands bring them flowers I would love it more if I was to get a magazine. (now I'm not crazy I love flowers too...Oh just the thought of red gerber daisies makes me giddy) I don't have to many I get delivered to my house only Shape, Marie Claire, Weight Watchers, and Glamour. I only pay for these because I have this problem that when little kids come to my door selling magazines I can't say NO. Others I read on my night out. I try to take a "me" night once a week and it often includes a Starbucks latte and a mag. at Barnes and Nobles. I think they probably cringe everytime they see me come in and say to themselves, there is that lady who reads all our magazines and never buys one. Ok so to my point about why I'm saying Kudos (sp?) to Glamour. (Oh and by the way I also cut out any bad words about "sex" on the cover so when they are sitting around my house my kids don't see it.)

Last month Glamour ran a picture about a PLUS SIZE MODEL....Did you know I could be a PLUS SIZE MODEL because that means your a size 10 or 12. In modeling if you are a 6 or above you are often moved up to plus sized modeling. But we call plus size clothing anything size 14 and up. It makes no sense. I think a 10 or 12 is average not plus size. But I guess when your comparing them to the average model who is a size 0 it is plus size. Well they ran a picture of a 21 yr old named Lizzie Miller who is a size 12-14. She is beautiful, she has a little tummy pooch and everything. They also state that this size is the average American Womens size, and the size of Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor back in the day when they were all that. All this to say the feedback that Glamour has recieved is amazing. Men writing in to say Thank you for putting women in that have curves and real bodies, and women saying thank you for putting women in that they can actually realte to as far as body types. So Glamour this month has put a photo in with 7 plus size models or sz 10-14 and all are beautiful, and stated that they are going to start putting a lot more normal size women in their issues so that women start feeling and seeing more of the norm. The 7 models they have in the picture have been models before at a smaller size and didn't have healthy lives because they were trying to be skinnier than what was healthy for them. They state that being skinny is not bad, but when your a larger boned woman don't try to make your self a size 0 or 2 be the healthiest you can be in your own body and if that means your a size 10 and not a 6 be ok with it. Embrace what God gave you and love yourself.

I know what size I am has been an issue since I was younger but Im glad I am at a place where I am glad and thankful for the body God gave me. I strive to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, and am so thankful that I have children even though carrying babies caused my body to have some imperfections.....I love every last imperfection...well most of the time.

A Soup Recipe for Jen

Vegetable Cheese Soup

4 Chicken Bouillin Cubes
1Quart of Chicken Broth
4 cups of diced potatoes
2 cups of diced celery
1/2 cup diced onion
2 cups of diced carrots

Cook above for 20 min then add:

1-20oz. bag frozen broc. & cauli. mix

Cook until all vegetables are tender. Add 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, 1 can of water, & 1lb. of velveeta cheese. Cook on low heat until melted!

Enjoy! So Yummy! This is my kids favorite and is even better warmed up the next day for leftovers...I love soup season!