Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cleaning Fairy...Where r u?

Why is it so hard to clean house. I'm a stay at home mom for cryin out loud. Im having a party at me house in the very near future and I need to clean. I have 3 levels and I have been planning on taking one level a day and deep cleaning. The basement first, then the upstairs then the main level. But I have no motivation. Having Noah home has consumed alot of my time but he does sleep alot. But then I am playing with Gray. I feel like when I spend all day working on laundry just trying to stay caught up and picking up one mess after another with Gray and nursing Noah back to health I dont want to clean. I want to sit and do nothing. Then i have to fit in homework and bonding with the twins, a workout and doing 3 meals a day for our family... I am pooped just thinking about it. God will not give me than I can handle RIGHT? I would like to hire someone to come clean but I don't feel like paying someone our money when I am capable of doing it. So if anyone knows of any cleaning fairies please send them my way. PLEASE!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well this past Friday Noah went under the knife (or Laser) to get his tonsils out. Needless to say the past few days have been a nightmare. Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night he was crying I was crying it was awful. I thought the pain killers would take all the pain away for a while but I guess not. Then it makes him sick if you don't have food in your stomach but how do you get a kid to eat when he won't even swallow his own saliva. The Dr. said you can't be his friend about drinking you must be firm and make him. Thank God for Kevin because he had to be the bad guy I just wanted to take him to the hospital and have him hooked up to fluids and morphine. Yesterday we had a set back because his body is reacting badly to the pain meds, so we are trying a new one to see if he can handle it better. Today he has had bad hours and good hours. He is fighting woth Grayson which is bad but a good sign that he is acting a little bit more normal. He ate oatmeal, mac-n-cheese and pancakes today. ( well little tiny bites of them) Our freezer and fridge is stocked with gatorade, yogurt, smoothies, applesauce, pudding, ice cream, popcicles, and dip-n-dots. Everything a little one needs. (and a mom who is emotional eating !!! LOL) The nurse said days 5,6,and7 are bad again and we will feel like we had a setback. Well those days are ahead so we will march on and perservere. Kevin did mention that we should have had Grayson's out at the same time so we could have had one weekend and week with both boys mute......LOL

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Potty Training

Well this is week 2 of toilet training for Gray. We have had lots of successes and a few accidents along the way. I lost him at Kohls for about 5 min and why my heart had almost stopped because of fright he was hiding from me in a rack of clothes pooping in his new Diego underwear! Fun Fun!! Then as he pooped on the floor in his room one morning he came to tell me there was a scary yicky banana on the floor. ( Which was the terd : ) ) Fun Fun !!! His new word for his private is Wenis so that will be nice when someday he is in school and tells his teacher and friends he has a wenis. I am so enjoying our time together when the other kids are in school. We laugh a lot and are making some great memories!!! Heres to another day of potty training!!!