Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Potty Training

Well this is week 2 of toilet training for Gray. We have had lots of successes and a few accidents along the way. I lost him at Kohls for about 5 min and why my heart had almost stopped because of fright he was hiding from me in a rack of clothes pooping in his new Diego underwear! Fun Fun!! Then as he pooped on the floor in his room one morning he came to tell me there was a scary yicky banana on the floor. ( Which was the terd : ) ) Fun Fun !!! His new word for his private is Wenis so that will be nice when someday he is in school and tells his teacher and friends he has a wenis. I am so enjoying our time together when the other kids are in school. We laugh a lot and are making some great memories!!! Heres to another day of potty training!!!

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Kim said...

LOL! I hope it only gets better for you. I have to say I don't miss the potty training days. Despite the accidents it does sound like you are having fun together.