Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Longest Bike Ride Ever.....

So this morning I decided it would be fun to go on a long bike ride with the Fisher four... When I was training for the half marathon I ran to Antelope Park (27th & A st.) which was just under 6 miles from my house on the bike path. ( We live on 28th & Pine Lake Area right behind South Pointe Mall.) So I packed a picnic and told Kevin to give us an hour then meet us at the park for lunch. So we strapped on helmets, pumped up low tires and embarked on our journey.

I led the pack with Noah right behind bumping my back tire every once in awhile. He kept saying, "mom I think your back tire is flat." I would say each time, "Noah its pumped up all the way it just looks flat because its getting squished by my butt and 32 lbs of Grayson in his seat above the tire." Liv was behind Noah and Lexi brought up the end.

45 min later we made it to the park and had a great lunch with Daddy Fisher who thought I was a nut case for taking them on that long of a bike ride. The girls begged him to put their bikes in his trunk and give them a ride home but he refused. (I was secretly wishing he would do the same for me.) I had to be the strong one and say oh kids it won't be that bad just 6 miles home, only up hill a few times. So we took off and I looked behind as Kevin drove off and I couldn't help but be extremely jealous of him. Within 200 feet from the park I was hearing someone from the rear of our caravan saying, "My butt hurts so bad I can't ride any further, I'm gonna walk I can't go all the way home." I kept riding ignoring her because I felt the same way but I was not about to show weakness I Mommy Fisher had to be strong to lead these 4 home. 45 min later stopping to walk our bikes up 2 hills and telling Lexi that I would not come back to get her if she did chose to stay on a street corner we made it home. Home to the no whining at least for a little while.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daddy Stay Home?

This afternoon after I dropped the twins off at a birthday party I took the boys out for a fun filled date with Mom.

First stop...McDonalds!!! We ate there only because my "Mommy Brain" was not working and I asked them where they wanted to go for lunch instead of saying, "boys were going to Subway." Of course they are going to pick McDonalds. Thank God there were so many kids in the play area that my little guys didn't even want to try to go in and play. I often wonder if I'm the only parent who has an issue with the smell that comes out of the playroom at McDonalds. You know the smell thats a cross between urine, stinky feet, boogers and snot, and old soggy french fries.

Then we headed to play a round of minature golf. Well actually we played 2 for the price of 1 because the kid working felt sorry for me that I payed to play and the boys play so fast that I don't really get to play. So after 36 holes of golf ...Noah peeing in the tree at hole 10...3 balls fished out of the pond....Gray hitting me in the leg every time he swung his club...and tears when we had to leave we made it to the car only to hear this from Noah. Thanks for taking us golfing Mom but do you think you could start working and Daddy could stay home with us because we have more fun with him....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I can't open our cupboard without dealing with cereal boxes. This is so frustrating because I don't know why we have to have so many different kinds. We love it, we often eat it for dinner when Kevin is traveling. (Kevin refuses to eat breakfast food at any other time of day other than morning.) However our obsession with it is getting out of control.

Noah & Gray have to have #1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch that is their favorite. Alexa has to have #2. Strawberry frosted Shredded Mini Wheats & #3. Golden Grahams. Liv prefers #4. Fruity Pebbles. Kevin needs#5. Kashi Oat Clusters. I need #6 Raisin Bran, #7Bran Flakes, and when I'm wanting something sweet for a snack #8.Cocoa Krispies. We always have a box of #9 Rice Krispies because you never know when you need to make Rice Krispy bars. So if you count that up that's 9 boxes of cereal taking over our Lazy Susan cupboard. Kevin cuts the tops of the boxes off so they wont get in the way...that helps a little. I told the kids this morning we all need to get on the same page and eat the same kind of cereal or they were all gonna have to keep their own boxes in their rooms.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July Moments!!!

Cousins all bundled up watching the Fireworks!!!
Our Night Out
Andy, Me & Trish
Lexi, Maddie & Liv
The 3 Sisters
Noah riding in Grandpa's boat

So since the last time I have blogged Gray did get over his illness. Not without going through an entire box of diapers and a whole tube of desitin over the 4th of July weekend. We had a blast though celebrating Trish's birthday and the 4th. Hanging out with our cousins....eating homemade ice cream, sitting in Grandma & Papas new hot tub, jumping on the trampoline and bundling up in sweatshirts and blankets to watch the fireworks. Only in Nebraska could that happen.... The twins also got to spend an entire week going to camp at Covenant Cedars. They had a blast meeting new friends, making Uncle Andy laugh and learning about God. Liv even left with a few scars (on her chin, chest, hands, and shoulder) that will forever remind her of her fun week. They didn't even act like they missed me. We also spent a couple days at the water park with Aunt Mandy, Drew, Micah James, & Taytum which will always be remembered. My mom Trish, Andy and I all went out to eat one night and talked and laughed a great cherished memory. I love laughing with Andy!

Today Grandma Karen came from Las Vegas. This is only the second time she has seen Gray and first time to see our new house. The kids made her a birthday cake since she celebrated her 65th birthday this past week. We are looking forward to having a great week with her. Speaking of birthdays my dear friend from high school turned 30 today! I miss you Liz! It is also Andy's 28th birthday tomorrow so we are looking forward to seeing him!

Well I'm signing off and going to bed wrestling a ? I think every Mom has to wrestle sometime in her life....To shave or not to shave???? My 11 yr olds think they need to shave their legs. They are starting the 6th grade and everyone does it mom....everyones Moms let them...we will be the only girls in 6th grade that dont shave...can you hear it now coming from their mouths. I dont remember when I started but my Mom said in the 6th grade. I guess I just dont want them to grow up. I want them to stay my little girls forever. I told them I would let them know by Monday. Don't take days forgranted...time goes so fast...hold on to your babies because they grow up way to fast.....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Holiday=Another Illness

It always happens....It is unavoidable....Someone always gets sick when a holiday is here. My sister arrives tonight at our house from Arkansas for the weekend, it is her birthday and we are celebrating the 4th of July. A huge fun filled... family filled... weekend and Gray wakes up sick today. We always have strep at Christmas, the flu at Easter, and Colds or Flu on Thanksgiving..All other holidays or family weekends Gray usually has his normal snot all over his face and everyone looks at him like he has the SWINE FLU.... My family has become hesitant to even make plans with us because we make everyone sick. So today Gray has massive diarrhea and a fever URGH!!!!! He has sores on his behind and wants to be held. Potty training is out the door and diapers must remain on except this morning when I thought it would be a good idea to air his butt out a bit and he pooped all over the bathroom rug. So I was out in my nightgown using the hose to spray off the rug. My neighbor looked at me like I was a crazy woman. So I pray that the Lord put his healing hands on my little Grayson and make him better. Really SOON!!!!