Thursday, November 13, 2008

Potty Training

Grayson has recently turned 2....I 'm wanting him to get potty trained. I have trained 2 girls and a boy so I know it eventually gets done but I feel like I don't have patience this time around. Everyone says it will happen don't push him...he will when he is ready. These people aren't changing the diapers that I have too everyday... : ) I need to Pray for Patience. He tells me everytime he pees or poops. He says, "yucky mom." He has gone on the toilet and lots of times on the floor, he even climbed on top of Alexa's bed and took off his diaper and went. She was furious.... I heard Dr. Phil can get a child potty trained in 1 day. Do you think he will come to my house? Just Kidding I will have peace and patience with it. Rejoice in the fact I get to train him and hes not at a daycare being trained by someone else. And love every minute with my last baby..........Grayson I love you!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Munchkins at the Pumpkin Patch

Election at the Fisher's

This morning the girls got out of bed so fast they could not wait to see who our new President was. They came into the living room and I had the news on ,when I saw their faces filled with disappointment I felt awful. Alivia said, "Mom McCain didn't win what will happen to all the unborn babies?" They have been so into this whole election and are so interested in the issues and the differences in the candidates.
I told them that God is in control, and that Obama will be a great President. I told them about how awesome it is that history was made and that they will always remember when the first African-American became President of the United States. We talked about what a privilege it is to be a woman and be able to vote. I think they are ok with it now. Alexa said she thinks Gov. Palin should be the first woman President or maybe when she grows up she could be. I told her anything is possible......

Noah's thoughts......Mom who won Cain or that one guy Bama?.....Mom will everyone take those signs out of their yards now?........Mom can Daddy be the President cuz I want to live in the White House?......Mom can I have a Puppy?