Friday, January 23, 2009

Hide and Duck ?????

After we took kids to school this morning Grayson and I headed home for our snuggle time. He asked me if we could play Hide and Duck. Not knowing what he was talking about I said, " Gray do you want to play duck duck goose?" He replied, "No Mommy Hide and Duck and you hide first and I will count." So I went and hid and he counted. 1....3...9...11....2....3....4....5...9...11 here I come. He was so funny I was watching him from behind the rocking chair tip toe around saying, " Mommy where are you?" When he finally found me he it me over the head and said, "DUCK". So I think he has the two games mixed up but we had a blast. He continued to hide in the same spot every time which was hilarious and was confused that I was in a different spot each time. Now we are off to clean house and he wants to clean the potty....yes I hate doing that job. : ) I love the joy I felt when I was playing with him. Im feeling so blessed and Thankful to God who allows me to stay home with my baby.....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nebraska Winters

It is a gorgeous day in Nebraska, I heard it may be in the mid 60's. That is awesome for January. I often get the blues in the winter. I'm definitely an outside person and being cooped up in the house because its 15 below is depressing to me. Kevin would like to move with his company and it would be some place warm but then I think I don't want to be away from my family. I want my kids to grow up around their cousins and grandparents. So today I'm praying for contentment. Contentment despite what the temperature is outside. Also thankfulness for what God has given to us and where he has us in this time in our lives, right here in the frigid mid west....where we have to bundle up to go outside and where we have to scrape frozen snot off of our kids faces....Enjoy this lovely spring like day!!!!

"Be Joyful Always... pray continually....give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1Thessalonians 5:18

Monday, January 5, 2009

December 2008

December was a Great time at the Fisher House. It was the first Christmas in our new house and Grayson is at such a cute age and his excitement was Awesome. We started our holiday festivities with the kids Christmas pagent at church. Noah played Joseph and had to walk Mary and Baby Jesus down the isle. He was so cute and I cried like a baby..... The girls were in a play and sang. Alivia also had a part in the Christmas on 84th St. play, she had a lot of fun preparing for it and the 4 performances were great....I also cried at that.

Christmas Eve we had Angie and Brian over after church for time of fellowship and Kevin and I had a great evening putting out gifts from Santa. The girls dont believe in Santa anymore and Noah was glad we put the fire out in our fireplace before we went to bed so Santa didn't burn his butt.

We spent Christmas Day and the rest of the weekend spending time with all the Grandparents....Aunts.....Uncles.....and Cousins..... My sister Trish and her family were back from Arkansas and we had a great time staying up late eating...laughing...playing games.... We were sad to have them leave on New Years Day.

We also passed around the stomach flu and Strep throat so that was not so fun. Gray had it the worst and then passed it on to Grandma Becky, Grandpa Dan, and Aunt Em.....SORRY GUYS!

My Cousin Siera got engaged to Chris Madison on Christmas Eve so an April wedding is fast approaching and we are all really excited for them. My brother and sister -inlaw welcomed a son Elijah Daniel the week before Christmas on my Birthday.....We are so excited about this new gift to our family. And yes I did turn "30" and Noah is so glad I did not turn old and crusty. Kevin threw me a party at Old Chicago with my family and all my friends so that was a fun night . My brother Jason made it back from Iraq the afternoon before my party so that was a great Birthday Gift.

Most importantly we have been celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus. We are so so so greatful for the gift of eternal life....And it is with much Joy to see my children understand the real meaning of Christmas. Happy New Year to all of you!