Friday, January 23, 2009

Hide and Duck ?????

After we took kids to school this morning Grayson and I headed home for our snuggle time. He asked me if we could play Hide and Duck. Not knowing what he was talking about I said, " Gray do you want to play duck duck goose?" He replied, "No Mommy Hide and Duck and you hide first and I will count." So I went and hid and he counted. 1....3...9...11....2....3....4....5...9...11 here I come. He was so funny I was watching him from behind the rocking chair tip toe around saying, " Mommy where are you?" When he finally found me he it me over the head and said, "DUCK". So I think he has the two games mixed up but we had a blast. He continued to hide in the same spot every time which was hilarious and was confused that I was in a different spot each time. Now we are off to clean house and he wants to clean the potty....yes I hate doing that job. : ) I love the joy I felt when I was playing with him. Im feeling so blessed and Thankful to God who allows me to stay home with my baby.....

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