Monday, February 9, 2009

THE TWINS TURN 11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my girl's 11th Birthday! We celebrated this weekend by going to Kansas City for a little girl's trip. Just them and I laughing some more! It was a great weekend. Grandma Becky, Grandpa Dan , Uncle Andy , Aunt Mandy and cousins are coming up tonight to celebrate with pizza and cake. I can't believe they are 11 already. Where does time go? It just seems like yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital and staring at them nervous to take them out of their carseats. Here are some fun facts about the twins.....

Alivia (aka Liv, Livy)

right handed

girly girl

favorite color is pink

room is pink and brown



Loves Taylor Swift

carries a purse always

loves lip gloss

favorite show....icarly, extreme home makeover (cries every episode)

messy room often

teacher says shes awfuly chatty...(wonder where she gets that)

favorite food mashed potatoes, chicken strips

has lots of friends

ideal weekend would be hangin with friends shopping....

wants to be a hair stylist when she grows up (just like Aunt Emily)

wants to adopt every little baby in every orphanage
best friend Hailey
Motherly to her brothers
Protector of her sister
Mommy's Girl

Alexa (aka Lex, Lexi, Smexa)

left handed

favorite color blue

clean room


hip hop class

hates math

favorite show ....i carly...little people big world

ideal weekend in the country riding horses


room is blue, turq, brown.

loves to wear basketball shorts and Tshirt

hates having her hair done


very laid back

dislikes cheese, butter, and pizza (gets this from Aunt Trish

favorite food....french toast, enchiladas, spaghetti

wants to be a vet of chef when she grows up

would like to meet the Jonas Brothers

will be helping Liv adopt all the babies in every orphanage
Daddy's Girl

Both of them so much alike yet so different....Two great blessings from the Lord. Whom we cherish and love so deeply......Praising God for them!!!!

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Jen Stutzman said...

this was so fun to read. I wish I new you all better! I really cannot believe that they are eleven.