Friday, March 6, 2009


Could it be spring? I love this weather. I just got done running at Holmes Lake with Grayson and it was wonderful. Im sad that my mood is so influenced by the weather. I need to pray for that whole contentment thing that my life seems to be lacking. I find myself always wanting circumstances to be different. Gray fell asleep sometime on the run and my ipod was dead so I talked with him the entire time and didn't even realize he wasn't awake... I probably looked silly talking to a kid who was snoring and drooling.


Jen Stutzman said...

So cute, running with your little guy. It is hard for me to run with Marya because she talks non-stop but Ezra is just quiet and looks out. love you

Nicole said...


Evan and I live on Normal so you will be running right by our house on Sunday. If we decide to go to church on Saturday night we will be cheering runners on! If I don't see you (which I may not, cause there's LOTS of runners), I wanted to encourage you tonight! You can do it. Will say a prayer for strength, endurance and perseverance!

In Him,