Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Longest Bike Ride Ever.....

So this morning I decided it would be fun to go on a long bike ride with the Fisher four... When I was training for the half marathon I ran to Antelope Park (27th & A st.) which was just under 6 miles from my house on the bike path. ( We live on 28th & Pine Lake Area right behind South Pointe Mall.) So I packed a picnic and told Kevin to give us an hour then meet us at the park for lunch. So we strapped on helmets, pumped up low tires and embarked on our journey.

I led the pack with Noah right behind bumping my back tire every once in awhile. He kept saying, "mom I think your back tire is flat." I would say each time, "Noah its pumped up all the way it just looks flat because its getting squished by my butt and 32 lbs of Grayson in his seat above the tire." Liv was behind Noah and Lexi brought up the end.

45 min later we made it to the park and had a great lunch with Daddy Fisher who thought I was a nut case for taking them on that long of a bike ride. The girls begged him to put their bikes in his trunk and give them a ride home but he refused. (I was secretly wishing he would do the same for me.) I had to be the strong one and say oh kids it won't be that bad just 6 miles home, only up hill a few times. So we took off and I looked behind as Kevin drove off and I couldn't help but be extremely jealous of him. Within 200 feet from the park I was hearing someone from the rear of our caravan saying, "My butt hurts so bad I can't ride any further, I'm gonna walk I can't go all the way home." I kept riding ignoring her because I felt the same way but I was not about to show weakness I Mommy Fisher had to be strong to lead these 4 home. 45 min later stopping to walk our bikes up 2 hills and telling Lexi that I would not come back to get her if she did chose to stay on a street corner we made it home. Home to the no whining at least for a little while.


Kim said...

Why when we set out do we think these things are a good idea? Alyssa and I walked the dog for 45 minutes last week...I thought her poor legs were going to fall off!

Jen Stutzman said...

LOL!! That is a great story. Even though it was hard it was a great learning experience for your kiddos.