Saturday, July 18, 2009

July Moments!!!

Cousins all bundled up watching the Fireworks!!!
Our Night Out
Andy, Me & Trish
Lexi, Maddie & Liv
The 3 Sisters
Noah riding in Grandpa's boat

So since the last time I have blogged Gray did get over his illness. Not without going through an entire box of diapers and a whole tube of desitin over the 4th of July weekend. We had a blast though celebrating Trish's birthday and the 4th. Hanging out with our cousins....eating homemade ice cream, sitting in Grandma & Papas new hot tub, jumping on the trampoline and bundling up in sweatshirts and blankets to watch the fireworks. Only in Nebraska could that happen.... The twins also got to spend an entire week going to camp at Covenant Cedars. They had a blast meeting new friends, making Uncle Andy laugh and learning about God. Liv even left with a few scars (on her chin, chest, hands, and shoulder) that will forever remind her of her fun week. They didn't even act like they missed me. We also spent a couple days at the water park with Aunt Mandy, Drew, Micah James, & Taytum which will always be remembered. My mom Trish, Andy and I all went out to eat one night and talked and laughed a great cherished memory. I love laughing with Andy!

Today Grandma Karen came from Las Vegas. This is only the second time she has seen Gray and first time to see our new house. The kids made her a birthday cake since she celebrated her 65th birthday this past week. We are looking forward to having a great week with her. Speaking of birthdays my dear friend from high school turned 30 today! I miss you Liz! It is also Andy's 28th birthday tomorrow so we are looking forward to seeing him!

Well I'm signing off and going to bed wrestling a ? I think every Mom has to wrestle sometime in her life....To shave or not to shave???? My 11 yr olds think they need to shave their legs. They are starting the 6th grade and everyone does it mom....everyones Moms let them...we will be the only girls in 6th grade that dont shave...can you hear it now coming from their mouths. I dont remember when I started but my Mom said in the 6th grade. I guess I just dont want them to grow up. I want them to stay my little girls forever. I told them I would let them know by Monday. Don't take days forgranted...time goes so fast...hold on to your babies because they grow up way to fast.....

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Kim said...

Erin! I was so excited when I saw that you are following our blog this morning and even more excited that you also have one, I.LOVE.BLOGGING! I am totally addicted to it.

It will be great to keep up with our little kiddos here. It looks like your July has been great so far!


PS- nI think I shaved for the first time in 6th grade too...for a luau!