Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daddy Stay Home?

This afternoon after I dropped the twins off at a birthday party I took the boys out for a fun filled date with Mom.

First stop...McDonalds!!! We ate there only because my "Mommy Brain" was not working and I asked them where they wanted to go for lunch instead of saying, "boys were going to Subway." Of course they are going to pick McDonalds. Thank God there were so many kids in the play area that my little guys didn't even want to try to go in and play. I often wonder if I'm the only parent who has an issue with the smell that comes out of the playroom at McDonalds. You know the smell thats a cross between urine, stinky feet, boogers and snot, and old soggy french fries.

Then we headed to play a round of minature golf. Well actually we played 2 for the price of 1 because the kid working felt sorry for me that I payed to play and the boys play so fast that I don't really get to play. So after 36 holes of golf ...Noah peeing in the tree at hole 10...3 balls fished out of the pond....Gray hitting me in the leg every time he swung his club...and tears when we had to leave we made it to the car only to hear this from Noah. Thanks for taking us golfing Mom but do you think you could start working and Daddy could stay home with us because we have more fun with him....

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Kim said...

Oh Erin! What a way to end your date with the boys. I hope tomorrow is better, I know you are a great stay at home mom ;).I understand your issues with the McD's play land...yuck!