Friday, November 20, 2009

Mad Dash Mommy at Target!!!

This morning I witnessed a little bit of mad chaos at my FAVORITE store in the WORLD!!! You all know how much you LOVE Super Target too.

My mom and I went there last night so I could help her get all the grand kids gifts for Christmas. I was also looking for a remote controlled car for Gray, that may I add was on sale and I had a $10 off coupon for. Well they were out of it but told me to check back in the morning because one and only one was coming in on the truck and would be on the shelf at 8 am when they opened the doors.

Well beings target is just 1 (and only 1 close) block from Noah's school I zipped over there after I kissed him and quickly shooed him out of the van. ( Geesh Noah walk faster I'm in a hurry to get to Target...did I really just admit that) I arrived at 8:05 and there were a lot of cars in the parking lot, about 50 more than usual. (Ok how do I know how many cars are usually in the parking lot at that time?.......hmmmm didn't I say its my favorite store.) May I also add that I hadn't brushed my hair and Gray & I were both still in P.J's. (No one will tell my husband this he would die) I briskly (or kind of ran) walked to the toy section and to my SURPRISE was 1 and only 1 car. Which was swiftly thrown into my cart and covered with my coat while Gray was fixated on a Dora doll that he wants. (and he is not getting) Then suddenly I remembered why I put my heavy coat on...I wasn't wearing a bra. (who wears one with their P.J's..and another thing my husband must never know.)

Then the DREADED thing happened.....I ran into someone I knew. I tried to wipe the mascara from yesterday off from under my eyes, and hide the fact I wasn't wearing a bra and had my P.J's on. Then I realized all the mommy's kind of looked the same except one and I assume she has a nanny because without one how can one possibly look that good.

Well as I walked around with a proud smile on my face because my trip was successful there were many that didn't, they had the look of frustration and disappointment. They were there after one thing a ZUU ZUU (sp?) Pet. What is this? I didn't know either. It's an Electronic Pet Hamster. WHAT? That's what everyone is going crazy over? Supposedly they got 8 of them in and that wasn't enough for the 15 drooling Pit Bull Moms who were sprinting for them with their claws out.

I made my way out and thought to myself... I sure am glad my kids don't want a hamster, my claws are in such a desperate need of a manicure I would sure hate to be fighting Moms for one.
Just Kidding!!!!


Kevin said...

You should never write "don't tell my husband" on a blog that I read...

Love you!

Kim said...

LOL! I can picture the whole scene and I love Kevin's comment!