Monday, March 22, 2010

today begins spring break at our house....and its Monday so its that time in the week to admit...confess...say what you did NOT do. You can head to to see where this little weekly activity started!
Let me start by saying I love my husband and when we got into a tiff this weekend I DID NOT throw his sweater across the room out of complete and total anger. I DID NOT lay in my bed and watch 3 Lifetime movies until 2 am. I DID NOT sit in church wallowing in self pity and pride on Sunday. And as far as food goes...I did NOT eat chinese food 3 times this weekend. I think it might be time to hit it hard in the gym this week.


Jenilee said...

yum! chinese food is SOO good!

Yellow House said...

Chinese good is a great way to heal the pain! Hope this week is better for you and that you enjoy your spring break!

kanishk said...

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