Sunday, December 20, 2009

To Walmart I will go....To Walmart I will la la la la...To Walmart I will go!

So it is Sunday evening and I am prepping to go to Walmart. I know I know I feel like a traitor to my beloved Super Target but every Christmas I have to make a Walmart run. This afternoon I ran to Scheels and was stuck in the parking lot for 25 min, and Kevin & I made a quick (wait... is there such thing as a quick trip this time of year) to Target. They were out of pretty much everything we needed and the employee who had to keep locking and unlocking the video game console was getting frustrated that we couldn't decide. So tonight I go...i go where all women must go for their family....WALMART. I will park a long ways from the doors for that Im sure. I will smile nicely at the man who says, "Welcome to Walmart want a cart!" I will walk down every isle until I have every last stocking stuffer, wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, toys, and groceries that I need to make Christmas perfect for my family. I will wait in line at one of the 3 check out lines that will be open and I will load my car up in the cold, then unload when I get home! My sister Emily is coming with me so I'm sure we will have laughs, laughs, and more laughs!!! Oh how excited I am to go to Walmart!

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