Thursday, December 10, 2009


Lincoln Public School out for 3 days in a row...It is unheard of, and yet here we are having our 3rd day in a row stuck at home. I'm not enjoying the sound of whining and complaining...fighting and arguing. I'm ready for them to be back with their teachers. I don't sound like a very good mother right now I know. I was able to get out with the boys for a little bit. Did some Christmas shopping, mailed my brothers present to Germany, and ate at McDonalds. What a ZOO!!!! Everyone had the same idea I think. Lets all meet at McDonalds and see how many people we can fit into one booth so everyone in the restaurant has a place to sit! Gray spilled soda everywhere, ate ketchup straight out of the cup, and I was sweating because there wasn't anywhere for me to place my coat if I took it off. Now I'm ready for a nap or for their dad to get off work. 5 o'clock where r u?

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Kim said...

Ha, Ha! The Y was even closed on Wednesday. My kids were up to the same thing, cabin fever big time.