Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shock at the Grocery Store Checkout

So I found my self last week in absolute shock at the grocery store. Let me start by saying that grocery shopping is my least favorite thing to do in this entire world. Just ask my husband. I am not really a list maker although my hubby tells me I should be because it will be easier. I am more of a walk down every aisle and get what we need person.

So I went...Got some fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, whole grains. Everything very healthy!!! No junk...no snacks, even some organic things. Kevin and I are really trying to eat healthy and we don't let our kids snack alot unless its fruit or veggies. (An the occasional pop tart, cookie, fruit snacks, & ice cream!) Anyway so here is where my SHOCK came....

I went through and all of my stuff which didn't even take up an entire cart was $135.00.....

The lady behind me who had 2 carts...2 carts full of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, Honey Buns, Rice Krispies Bars, Bags of Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, and every other boxed snack you could think of, and I'm not kidding when I said she had 2 FULL carts. Her total $89.00....


I was just blown away by her total compared to mine, and how much food compared to mine. She caught me looking and told me she had a daycare and was buying snacks for all her daycare kids. I'm sure my kids would love to go to her daycare!!!

So the moral of this story is that eating healthy does cost more $....Maybe that's part of the reason we have so many overweight people in America. It's cheaper to eat crap!

So I will continue to clip my coupons, check the store ads for sales and keep buying good healthy food to feed my family! But if you ever see me wheeling out 2 carts full of Little Debbie's just know I'm having a really bad week!!!!!


Kim said...

I totally believe it. Ben is the grocery shopper at our house. I only go when necessary

Darcy said...

I totally agree with this! It's twisted!

stopped by from FF!