Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Morning Dilemma

So each morning we go through the same thing...the same routine....the same agonizing decision. What show to watch? Will it be one on Disney? Nick Jr.? Noggin? Is it a Handy Manny Day, or a Wow Wow Wubzy Day, or a Dora day? This is a very hard decision for Gray to make. I have to turn the tv on go to the guide and tell him exactly what is on at the moment and then the 5 min process of deciding begins. This morning it was Little Bear! Wow Little Bear chosen over Dora doesn't happen very often. After we watch a few shows the tv goes off and we read books, play starwars, play Max & Ruby, or memory! (I dont like playing Memory because he always beats me and I don't even let him win he just does!) Then at 3 & 3:30 we have to turn Noggin on because his FAVORITE show is on OLIVIA!!!! What would we do if we couldn't watch it!!!

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